Server Bots

The Spiderchat Network offers server bots for those channel owners that want to have a bot in their rooms. These bots are usefull for helping in various ways. To add a bot to your channel, use the command: /msg BotServ assign <#channel>

Example: /msg botserv assign #mychannel channelbot

These are the bots available for you to use:

  • SCFM
  • MatrixBot
  • SpiderBot
  • ChatBot
  • ChanBot
  • WinBot
  • NeoBot
  • VortexBot
  • RyzenBot
  • AsiaBot
  • NexusBot
  • MasterBot
  • InfinityBot
  • OblivionBot

/msg botserv info <#channel|botnick>
– Gives info about a channel or bot

/msg botserv set <#channel> fantasy {ON|OFF}
– When it is enabled, users will be able to use all chanserv commands like !op, !deop, !voice, !devoice, !kick, !kb, !unban, !akick, !info on the channel.

/msg botserv set <#channel> nobot {ON|OFF}
– When set to on, no bot can be assigned to the channel.

/msg BotServ unassign <#channel>
– Unassigns a bot from a channel. When you use this command, the bot won’t join the channel anymore. However, bot configuration for the channel is kept, so you will always be able to reassign a bot later without having to reconfigure it entirely.

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