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Spiderchat is an Internet Relay Chat network that was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to providing a free quality chat environment, which gives people all over the world a means to communicate with each other. We take special care to ensure that our network provides a place where the freedom of speech of all our users is respected. We always ensure our user privacy is protected while on our network. We have a server and staff from various countries such as Malaysia, England, Thailand, Morocco, USA etc. The Founder of Spiderchat was developed a network like this since the year 2000.

Please connect your mirc to /server irc.spiderchat.org 6667-6669, 7000 +6697 (SSL)

You can use “Webchat” or “WebIRC” too. Just click on top menu.

MasterScript <masterscript@spiderchat.org>
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