Get To Know Our Staff

nopicOur staff pages recently completed yesterday. It gives to all user the opportunity to know our staff. As you know Spiderchat was run by a group of volunteers who give their time freely to make the network run smoothly and to ensure that it kept abuse free.

Do you know them? They are spend many hours, and give much of their online time, to make it a safe and welcoming network for each and every user. You can use the letter buttons to navigate your way through the many nicknames that create the Spiderchat staff team. Each page will give you some insight into who the people are behind the nicknames that you see so often around the network.As you will see, our staff come from all corners of the world to make our network a truly international IRC network. Each person was chosen for their desire and ability to help our users and the network.

Please click on top menu “Our Staff”

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