Becoming an IRCop

Becoming an IRCop
Being an IRC Operator (also known as a “IRCop” or “Oper”) is not always a glamorous position. It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and most of all patience. IRC Operators are chosen by the Executive Committe. SpiderChat’s IRC Operators are volunteers, (whom have volunteered to help other users, and to help maintain the network as a safe and fun place to chat.) Also the time that an operator spends actually talking to his/her friends is very limited.

Please realize that becoming an IRC Operator does not:

  • make you a “Cop” or an “IRC Cop”
  • let you kill anyone you hate
  • let you go on mass /killing sprees
  • threaten other users

If you want to become an IRCop because of any of the facts above, I recommend that you forget becoming an IRC Operator on this network.

The Job
As an IRC Operator you will spend a large proportion of your time answering the same questions over and over again and again. You will be asked all kinds of questions, and help on many subjects – you aren’t expected to answer everything… but you are expected to point them in the right direction for help. You must not ignore or refuse to help someone. You will spend numerous long sessions of several hours moderating blatantly trivial disputes. You will have people try to flood you. You will also have people kick/ban you from their channels (and no you will not unban yourself and rejoin the channel). People call you nasty names. People even try to hack your shell account. They will even try to impersonate you. You may disregard these scenarios, but you would be surprised what some people can do, or have done.

On the positive site, there will be many thankful people, grateful people. These people are the people that make it all worthwhile. Being an oper has very little to do with that /kill command you thought you would have to use all the time. It is about the skill of appearing to be a perfect human being who takes the time to help everyone.

So to recap what an IRC Operator is:

  • A janitor
  • A dispute mediator
  • A source of help
  • Very polite
  • Someone that users whine to about other users
  • The perfect IRC citizen

If being an IRC Operator still appleals to you, here are a few hints as to how to become one:

  • Do not ask – in most cases you will be called a “beggar”
  • Know the various IRC clients. (mIRC, pIRCh…)
  • Immediately identify if a user is on java, flash or a normal IRC client
  • Know the SpiderChat Services Commands
  • Know the user and channel modes, and very importantly masks (nick!user@host).
  • How to find an admin when you need one, typing /admin may help
  • Help all users when you can… even if an IRCop is not around, we are watching you all the time… so, you will be noticed
  • Try helping in some of the recommended help channels. You may not be given a +v or +o straight away (or at all), but if you make an honest effort to help out, you will be noticed. #Help or #Help.Malaysian or #Help.Thai is always a good place to start.
  • Remember: Be patient. Eventually an admin may ask you to be an IRC Operator. However, you may not be asked at all. Not everyone will be asked to be an oper, no matter how well qualifed he/she may be.
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