Becoming an IRCop

Becoming an IRCopBeing an IRC Operator (also known as a “IRCop” or “Oper”) is not always a glamorous position. It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and most of all patience. IRC Operators are chosen by the Executive Committe. SpiderChat’s IRC Operators are volunteers, (whom have volunteered to help other users, and toRead More

ScottK On The Air

We proudly introduce DJ ScottK on air in SpiderChat Radio Network ScottK has a passion on music and love to share this passion with many people. For the past 13 years, he was the General Manager and On-Air Personality for The WebMaster IRC Network’s Streaming Music Station, as well as being on the Executive CommitteeRead More

Welcome Arena Links

We would like to sincerely welcome acacia admin of Acacia is a SRA of server He is now an Executive Committe Team Member. Please connect your IRC Client to /server 6660-6669, 7000 & +6697 (SSL port). We allow IPv4 and IPv6 connections

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