Server Bots

The Spiderchat Network offers server bots for those channel owners that want to have a bot in their rooms. These bots are usefull for helping in various ways. To add a bot to your channel, use the command: /msg BotServ assign <#channel>

Example: /msg botserv assign #mychannel channelbot

These are the bots available for you to use:

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Working Harder ?

We are sorry for the connection issues over the last few days, we have been working very hard in resolving this issue. We thank you once again in choosing The SpiderChat IRC Network.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

SpiderChat Was Attacked!

A few days ago, SpiderChat IRC Network was attacked by some troublermakers using DDoS according to sources. These attacks were taken seriously by our upper admins and finally we identified the source of the attacks. The founder of SpiderChat felt a bit aggrivated by the incedent. According to another source, these attacks occurred when some of the network users had moved to SpiderChat IRC Network as they hoped the network to be a safe place, with nice users, and helpful staff…. The toublemakers thought that SpiderChat IRC Network were using massive invites on irc to secure more users to join our network. This simply was not the case.

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