Spiderchat on SearchIRC

searchircSpiderchat, finally been listed in searchirc.com after several time removed because of technical issues. SearchIRC features the most complete, up to date and relevant IRC search on the web. Our IRC search engine monitors 6,586 IRC networks to bring you more live IRC channels, more active IRC users, and of course, over 5,000 pages of information on IRC networks, their services, and their servers! You’ll love SearchIRC’s Chatroom Directory which lists hundreds of IRC channels by subject. If you are bored, we have discussion boards, and IRC Quotes!

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Spiderchat on irc.netsplit.de

netsplitirc.netsplit.de provides several services around the Internet Relay Chat (short: IRC). – Use our IRC search engine to search in topics of ca. half a million active chat rooms and find the subject that you’re interested in! Enter the chat room of your choice with your web browser directly from here! View statistics about users and channels of more than 600 IRC networks including detailed network charts! Search for IRC servers that use your preferred top level domain!

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Welcome To SpiderChat

Welcome to Spiderchat IRC Network.

logoSpiderchat is an Internet Relay Chat network that was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to providing a free quality chat environment, which gives people all over the world a means to communicate with each other. We take special care to ensure that our network provides a place where the freedom of speech of all our users is respected. We always ensure our user privacy is protected while on our network. We have a server and staff from various countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Morocoo, USA etc. The Founder of Spiderchat was developed a network like this since the year 2000.

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