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SpiderChat Was Attacked!

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A few days ago, SpiderChat IRC Network was attacked by some troublermakers using DDoS according to sources, these attacks was token it seriously by our admin highers and finally we identified the attacks's source.
The founder of SpiderChat felt a bit aggrieved by an unexpected attacks. According to another source, these attacks occurred when some of the network users had moved to SpiderChat IRC Network as they found in that network what they was wishing excalety as safe place, nice users, helpful staffs....
The toublemakers thought that SpiderChat IRC Network was running massive invite around for scouring much users for join our network.

Here are some explanations by SpiderChat's founders.
1. SpiderChat has never run massive invite through any IRC network around. Plus, the management and staff only promote SpiderChat through social medias such as: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, Dlive and friends...
2. The user's movement to join any IRC network is the user's right and we welcome anyone wish to join our network and have fun moments as he will respect the network policies.
3. The act of attacking another IRC network is irresponsible and considered as a pest and we retain all our legal and legal rights in order to maintain our network.
4. The SpiderChat will not take any action against the attackers as they still not break legal rights that our network have it.
5. SpiderChat is always open for anyone to use the services offered.

Finally, someone once said "Today is my day. Another day, your day too"

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i dont have any ideas why they doing

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