SpiderChat Was Attacked!

A few days ago, SpiderChat IRC Network was attacked by some troublermakers using DDoS according to sources. These attacks were taken seriously by our upper admins and finally we identified the source of the attacks. The founder of SpiderChat felt a bit aggrivated by the incedent. According to another source, these attacks occurred when someRead More

Staff of The Month is BACK

Please vote for one of the network staff that you think deserves staff of the month. This will be based on who you think is the most helpful and the friendliest member of staff.

Becoming an IRCop

Becoming an IRCopBeing an IRC Operator (also known as a “IRCop” or “Oper”) is not always a glamorous position. It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and most of all patience. IRC Operators are chosen by the Executive Committe. SpiderChat’s IRC Operators are volunteers, (whom have volunteered to help other users, and toRead More

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